WEBINAR: Transforming your crystallization process (Recording available)

April 24, 2024 1:12 pm

Screening crystallization parameters for targeted particle size distribution might be challenging and time-consuming.

Join this webinar to discover how Secoya’s Crystallization Technology transforms the process with spontaneous nucleation, making it faster and more efficient. During this LIVE session, the setup of the instrument will be shown for both cooling and antisolvent crystallization. At the end of this webinar, Bart Rimez our technology lead will explain the overall philosophy of Secoya.

Book your seat and learn how the SCT technology can be extrapolated to other molecules, how to obtain the required particle size distribution with the setup of experimental designs and how to upscale it using the SCT-PILOT unit.


Bart Rimez, Secoya Co-Founder and Crystallization Tech Leader


If you couldn’t join us for our live webinar “Transforming your crystallization process” or if you just want to experience it again, you can watch it again!