Integrated platform for simple and double emulsion


Developed by our microfluidic experts, the InstaDrop instrument was designed to allow a fast and easy set-up for precise, repeatable and cost-effective single or double encapsulation processes.

Despite its compact design, the InstaDrop integrates everything required to generate microbeads and micro-capsules with the RayDrop®.

Thanks to its large touchscreen, valves, flowmeters and pressure controllers can be easily controlled to obtain the optimal parameters. Starting up a droplet generation process has never been so easy!

During the process, a suitable optical system guarantees the optimum visualisation of the emulsification inside the RayDrop® generator.

And because it’s powered by the RayDrop® device, the InstaDrop allows a precise formulation of a wide range of microbeads or microcapsules. (PLGA, Chitosan, Alginate,…)

Perfect control of emulsion production

The Secoya emulsification technology is based on the integration of the most efficient microfluidic technologies in a robust stainless-steel equipment.

The way we produce droplets, particles and capsules relies on the use of couples of capillaries perfectly aligned in a metallic reservoir. The first capillary is terminated with a 3D-printed nozzle and injects the droplet phase in the junction. The second one is the only output of the system, so it collects both phases, the droplet phase and the continuous phase filling the reservoir under pressure.

The droplets are produced by the controlled squeezing of the droplet phase by the continuous phase at the entrance of the collection capillary

Chitosan microcapsules

Encapsulation of oil material

Eudragit beads

For targeted release

PLGA microcapsules

Encapsulation of aqueous solution