RayDrop Platform

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The RayDrop Platform for cell encapsulation prior to sorting in FACS equipment (Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting) is a specific version of the RayDrop Platform that enables biological products to be encapsulated in double emulsions (DE) made up of a thin shell of oil surrounding an aqueous core. This one step method of encapsulation is made compatible with FACS thanks to both the size of the DE down to 25 µm which fits most FACS nozzles and the use of a water/oil/water DE that is compatible with sorting based on the application of an electric field.

Moreover, this RayDrop Platform includes a comprehensive flow path with pressure controllers, filters, flowmeters, and valves to ease the start-up, shutdown and cleaning of the system. An injection loop is connected to the core phase to produce samples with limited amounts of material. Thanks to the RayDrop® droplet generator, double emulsions are produced in one step at high-throughput, allowing the production of about 25 samples in a half day. A suitable optical system guarantees the optimum visualization of the emulsion production process inside the RayDrop®. The open design of the platform allows its adaptation to the customer’s needs.

Perfect control of emulsion production

The Secoya emulsification technology is based on the integration of the most efficient microfluidic technologies in a robust stainless-steel equipment.

The way we produce droplets, particles and capsules relies on the use of couples of capillaries perfectly aligned in a metallic reservoir. The first capillary is terminated with a 3D-printed nozzle and injects the droplet phase in the junction. The second one is the only output of the system, so it collects both phases, the droplet phase and the continuous phase filling the reservoir under pressure.

The droplets are produced by the controlled squeezing of the droplet phase by the continuous phase at the entrance of the collection capillary

Human PBMCs

Encapsulation of aqueous solution

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