WEBINAR: Case study – Single crystal formation in core-shell microcapsules

April 10, 2024 2:35 pm

This webinar introduces the latest advances in core-shell microcapsule technology. Discover how microcapsules are used as a versatile tool in drug delivery, encapsulation, crystallization, compound characterization, and more.

Explore the challenges of traditional microencapsulation methods and the transformative potential of microfluidic technology in producing precise, uniform microcapsules. Gain insights into the advantages of UV light crosslinking for rapid and solvent-free capsule production (Methacrylate-based resins, PEGDA, PEGDMA).

In the case study discussion of the program, a particular emphasis will be placed on the use of microcapsules for the screening of crystallization conditions.

Learn how to generate hundreds of identical UV-crosslinked microcapsules per second, produced by Secoya Technologies’ RayDrop and its all-in-one platform.



Joseph Farah : Microfluidic Application Engineer·

Marie Mettler : R&D Engineer – Secoya Technologies

Adrien Dewandre : Technology Lead – Emulsification & Droplet generation – Secoya Technologies