CRYSTA’DAYS – Two-day Crystallization dedicated event hosted by Secoya Technologies

November 15, 2023 4:16 pm

In November 2023, a two-day event orchestrated by Secoya gathered a community of experts in crystallization in Louvain-La-Neuve. During these two dedicated days technology leads, esteemed researchers and academics showcased their groundbreaking work captivating an audience of industry experts coming from all around Europe.

From microfluidics at TIPs to Secoya
Prof. Benoit Scheid (ULB)
Introduction to Secoya crystallization technologies and crystallization
The theoretical and mathematical description of nucleation in shear flow conditions
Prof. Alessio Zaccone
The nucleation of molecules in solution using shear flow
Robin Debuysschère
API crystallization with Secoya Technology
Erik ter Voert
Introduction to the new SCT-LAB instrument
Dr. Bart Rimez
Filtration by DrM, Dr. Müller AG
Patrick Morsch
High throughput single crystal formation in core-shell capsules
Marie Mettler
From lab to pilot to scale-up ICE version: translation of conditions + case studies
Bart Rimez

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